Brow Month!

Here at One Salon and Bridal Company for the rest of July.

Through July 31st, stop in for a $15 dollar brow wax with a complimentary wonder brow application.

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The Top Three Brow Mistakes

3. The obvious Fill in Brow: These are brows filled in or elongated with the wrong-colored powder or pencil, or brows that look like makeup, not hair. Most women go too dark, which makes the brows look heavy, artificial, and blocklike, or use straight strokes that look like they’re drawn on.

THE FIX: use a powder or pencil at least a few shades lighter than the color of your hair and apply in small strokes to mimic hair and give a 3-D effect.

2. The “Surprised” Look: Round brows that are semicircles with no arch. They make a woman look like she’s constantly in a state of surprise.

THE FIX: While they grow out, tweeze only the “homeless” strays that are way below your brows or edging toward your temples. Use a brow powder to fill in sparse areas as brows grow back. To reshape them, the pro will re-create an arch for you and lift the ends up instead of down.

1. The “Anorexic” Brow: Brows that are too thin don’t do their job- which is to frame your face and accent your eyes-or so painfully thin they look obviously plucked.

THE FIX: Fill them in lightly and slightly while you let them grow; but often brows that have been plucked again and again never do grow out. Beverly Hills celebrity dermatologist Boris Zaks says using Latisse grows brows too, though it’s not approved by the FDA for this purpose. Ask your dermatologist. index

The rules of melt proof makeup



1. Use less makeup! There will be less to melt. Start with a self tanner for a subtle glow that will eliminate excess products later.

2. Stick with creams OR powder! Once makeup sets, it looks chunky to layer more on.

3. Make shadow stay on! Shadows that have some sparkle wont look old as fast as matte shadows, which tend to crease thanks to the natural oils on your eyelids.

Glo Therapeutics Facials and Skin Care at One Salon

Glo Therapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating a daily regimen with advanced treatments. Utilizing innovative technology and cutting edge science, glo therapeutic formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. Our professional treatments include facials and chemical exfoliants developed to rejuvenate and refine skin tone and texture.

*Free of parapens

*High concentration of actives

*Innovative ingredients